Westmor Industries LLC

By: Bubbajunk.com

WestMor Industries LLC is a designer, manufacturer, distributor, installer, and service provider to the petroleum and liquid-handling industries. It is experienced in AWWA, API, and ASME code design and construction and has the latest facilities, equipment, certifications, and experienced personnel to provide the highest quality equipment with on-time deliveries. 
WestMor Industries services the industries and markets with aviation, military, ethanol, transportation, agricultural processing, chemical, etc.
WestMor Industries LLC has a history of providing the highest quality, most innovative, solutions-orientated and affordable products for the petroleum and liquid handling industries. Whether it is bobtails, storage tanks, transports, service station or parts, WestMor Industries assures customers with superior products like aviation fueling, fuel trucks, tanks which involve pressure vessels, aboveground storage, and underground storage, etc. From LPG to CO2, WestMor Industries inhouse engineering department and sales team has helped customers design units ranging from 5,600 gallon pup trailers up to 19,300 gallon 8-axle units. WestMor Industries offers sales, design, engineering, manufacturing, refurbishing, and many capacities available.
WestMor Industries LLC is dedicated to provide with the highest quality product whether it's a truck tank, bobtail, transport, custom engineered tanks and vessels or parts and equipment. It manufactures a variety of tanks ranging from vertical and horizontal, double or single wall aboveground storage tanks. The Fireguard is the next generation of fire-rated AST's, going far beyond those first generation tanks which are merely enclosed concrete. The Flameshield fire-resistant aboveground storage tank is manufactured with a tight-wrap double wall design. WestMor manufactures single wall and double wall underground storage tanks that meet the UL fabrications standards. Standard size ranges from 560 to 50,000 gallon capacities, but other sizes are custom fabricated per customer requirements. WestMor Industries tanks come with a 30-year limited warranty on structural failure, external corrosion and internal corrosion. WestMor manufactures single wall and double wall underground storage tanks that meet the UL fabrications standards. 
WestMor Industries LLC offers service like customer service, technical service, technical service, installation and financing, etc. WestMor Industries is to be the supplier of choice for all petroleum and liquid-handling parts and equipment. WestMor Industries team is committed to customers and offers the best products at competitive prices.