Wolverine Pipe Line Co.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Wolverine Pipe Line Co. has been operating pipelines for 50 years and currently has 63 employees.  The company does not own the product in the pipeline. Wolverine is in the transportation business and Shippers make use of Wolverine's transportation services in order to bring refined product to Michigan. The company office is located in Portage, Michigan. Wolverine has extensive experience in the safe operation of pipelines.  

The company supplies 35 percent of all refined products in Michigan. Wolverine currently operates about 750 miles of pipeline and related facilities within the State of Michigan. The company also owns and operates 92 miles of pipeline in the State of Illinois, 162 miles of pipeline in the State of Indiana and 12 miles of pipeline in the State of Ohio. This totals approximately 1016 miles of pipeline and related facilities within the Wolverine system.  

Wolverine expects that 25 locations along the existing pipeline may require repair activities. Their eight locations are in developed or developing areas, five in Meridian Township, one in Ingham County, and two in Clinton County. The remaining locations are in rural or agricultural areas.  

The Operations Control Center relocated to Portage, MI in November of 2002. There were many challenges involving the move along with the implementation of a new SCADA system. Their crew insistently rose to the challenge and the result is a first class, service oriented control center with a focus on excellence. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s each member brings his or her exclusive career experiences to the team.  

Their treasurer's organization requires the latest audited financial statements and preferably, documents, which allow treasurers to clearly understand the company's ownership and any, inter company relationships. The company provides shippers with ratable, quality segregation of products of various destinations throughout the Midwest, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and personal integrity.

The company creates, manage and execute batches nominated in a consistent manner so that a 10 day cycle is maintained yet being flexible enough to accommodate supply and maintenance disruptions that result in minimum impact to Shippers. Schedule batches in a manner that minimizes interfaces, resulting in less trans-mix. They are directly responsible for providing the operations controllers with highly effective written communications to administer deliveries and receipts to Shippers and Field personnel.