Ace Trucking Co Inc


Ace Trucking Company Inc. was established in March of 1979 at Jackson, Tennessee and Mr. Dewey Houston was the founder of Ace Trucking Company Inc. The business was originally engaged in an agent operation providing trip-lease service for other carriers. In 1981, Ace Trucking Company Inc. purchased its first power units and from that point on, kept all units leased to other carriers.
Ace Trucking Company, Inc. is a regulated common and contract carrier based in Jackson, Tennessee and engaging in the transport of general commodities. It has 48 state operating authority and Canadian authority, utilizing 125 tractors and 350 trailers and having employee about 175.  The premises are owned by the company and consist of office space, a shop, a dock, and parking area for the equipment.  The shop is used for repair and maintenance of both tractors and trailers.
CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s dispatch department handles all customer service, so their customers receive the highest level of attention possible for all matters. While Loss and Damage are very rare, they have established some procedures and use standard loss forms as were prescribed by the I.C.C. (Interstate Commerce Commission). Company would be happy to meet and provide the custom reports and feedback that customer require for their company.
Company has a fully staffed maintenance facility which takes care of their fleet and they have a fleet consisting primarily of 2003 freightliner century class trucks.  They are in the process of replacing some of their older equipment with 2005 Kenworths (T-2000's) and all trucks are equipped with Aether GPS (Global Positioning System) communications equipment.
Ace Trucking Company Inc is a flexible organization, and they adjust to the changing needs of their customers.  They use a state-of-the-art GPS tracking system for their fleet, and are able to communicate with their drivers in real-time. Consequently, company is able to adjust to changing circumstances and deliver a quality product to their customers.