K V S Transportation Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

KVS Transportation, Inc. provides businesses with a fleet of trucks and drivers unequalled throughout the industry and is a fully licensed hazardous waste hauler in 26 states (including ICC Authority, state fuel permits and hazardous waste permits.

The company has a complete line of transportation equipment including vacuum trucks, ranging from 3,000-gallon bobtails to 6,000-gallon semi trailers, including stainless steel; as well as transportation equipment for contaminated soil and debris, including dumps, rough trailers and bottom dumps. KVS has a heavy dirt division, which is able to provide services for digging and loading from the smallest of jobs to the largest projects.

The newest member of the fleet is the 48ft dry vans, which round out an already comprehensive fleet of trucks, trailers and roll off equipment.  Designed for the transportation of both solid and liquid drummed waste, these vans provide specialized equipment such as air ride, sliding axles with air bag scales for loading convenience.  KVS also has 14-ton truck mounted hydrocranes with the ability to pull flatbeds, drop decks and low beds.  All flat beds have a full set of sideboards and tarps to insure proper handling of all types of materials with a goal to providing the customer with outstanding service at a very competitive price. 

KVS maintains a full-time professional safety and training staff.  All drivers training are presented in-house and are geared to the specific needs of the company and the Training subjects for the various elements of the program are constantly reviewed to ensure that they are adequate to meet current needs and content for compliance with applicable codes and regulations. This is truly a trucking service provider with a difference- making changes in its policies to ensure smooth functioning, commercial viability and profitability with the end goal always being the satisfaction of the customer and that he gets true value for his money.