Bealine Service Co Inc


Mr. Beal started Bealine Service Co Inc. in 1983 and it is known for leadership in providing safe transportation of liquid and dry cargos, with emphasis on transportation of hazardous materials. In addition to supervising transportation of hazardous waste in 38 states, Bealine Services Co Inc. has extensive experience in parts, maintenance of equipment, and inventory control.

Bealine's fleet of stainless steel insulated and non-insulated tank trailers handle a wide range of chemicals and offers maximum payload capacity. Their flatbed is ideal for containers, drums, flow bins, transformers and other non-bulk shipments. Bealine vans can be supplied with spill containment equipment if the shipment requires it. Vans are ready to carry boxes, drums, sacked materials and other non-bulk cargo.

Bealine provide bobtail van with lift gate to transport less-than-truckload quantities of drums or other non-bulk cargo. Their carbon steel, stainless steel and lined vacuum tankers can handle any type of bulk liquid chemical. Bealine's bobtail roll-off trailers are excellent for transporting light loads over the highway or for in-plant moves where limited space makes it difficult to maneuver a larger truck.

To assure Bealine's state-of-the-art equipment meets or exceeds state and federal safety requirements, company mechanics perform regular mechanical and environmental integrity checks on all tractors and trailers. This verifies valves that open and close properly, hoses that meet pressure requirements and tractors that can pull the load regardless of the distance. Bealine's internal training program provides continuing education to all of their drivers to update them on new systems and techniques and to confirm they know how to competently operate their equipment.

Bealine's entire fleet is equipped with modern Global Positioning System (GPS) telemetry to constantly track each vehicle's location. This satellite technology allows their dispatchers to immediately determine the location of any Bealine truck and using this system they can save valuable time and enhance their response to customer needs.

Bealine Service Company is dedicated to responsible investment and operations for long term profitable growth in transportation and related services. Their team works toward a safer, healthier environment for all by providing a superior service to meet the requirements of their customers and future markets while protecting the safety and enhancing the self worth of their employees.