Commercial Paving Co Inc


For more than half a century, Commercial Paving & Recycling Co LLC has worked with customers throughout United States partnering with both the public sector and private companies. The proprietary technologies and services offers to help customers save money while they conserve natural resources. As part of mission of environmental stewardship, Commercial Paving & Recycling reclaim and convert waste & debris into road base, paving, landscaping and resurfacing products. Commercial Paving & Recycling also offer a variety of road construction services.
Commercial Paving Co Inc construction services such as waste materials we accept, recycled products we sell, recycled products we sell, and services we provide. Commercial Paving Co Inc virgin materials are sold. Commercial Paving & Recycling  offer high-quality construction, road maintenance and landscaping products like crushed stone, screened sand, screened & unscreened loam, stone dust, virgin asphalt /hot mix. Commercial Paving & Recycling engineers asphalt products for a wide range of demanding applications and hot mix pavement meets all regulatory specifications for high traffic for road use. Commercial Paving & Recycling also sell a cold patch for potholes and winter road repair and Flexpave is more flexible than hot mix and up to 20% less expensive.
Commercial Paving Co Inc asphalt roof shingles accept all residential and commercial roofing that meets the following standards like residential asphalt shingles of any size, shape and color, tar paper and nails accepted, commercial asphalt roofing material requires pre-qualification testing for asbestos. Commercial Paving & Recycling arranges asbestos testing for an additional fee or presents documented proof of asbestos testing and signs a pre-qualification form.
Commercial Paving & Recycling offer a wide range of services that complements the recycled products and virgin materials such as grading/paving, road grinding/fine grading, road reclamation, snowplowing, recycling, off-site material grinding, transportation, containers.
Commercial Paving & Recycling Co is proud of its employees and the jobs that they do. Jobs at Commercial Paving & Recycling are diverse and enjoyable and employs operators, truck drivers, laborers, mechanics, and more.