Curran Contracting Co


Curran Contracting Company has built and sustained a 70 year reputation for integrity the same way it builds large and small paving projects and consistently produce on schedule, within budget, and without compromising quality. CCC considers every valued customer as an integral partner and every project as a partnership opportunity to reinforce value, regardless of the projectÂâ€Ã¢„¢s size or scope.  

In 1918, Metropolitan Coal and Ice was started by William Curran and not long thereafter, in the late Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“20s or early Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“30s, market changes forced a migration from the coal and ice business into that of a heating oil distributor and thus Suburban Oil was formed. As the need for fuel oil was highly seasonal to help even out the revenue stream over the summer months, in 1936, the company moved into the asphalt seal coating and road oiling business. Seal coating soon led to asphalt production and paving services and the company moved into asphalt production and paving business prior to World War II. There first asphalt plant was installed, operated under the name Suburban Oil Company/Road Division, which was later changed to Curran Contracting Company. By this time, Roy, Henry and Jim Curran were part of the company's operating management.  

High capacity asphalt production plants in Crystal Lake, DeKalb, Grayslake, Lake Bluff, and McHenry enables Curran Contracting to supply high quality bituminous asphalt virtually anywhere in Northeastern Illinois. CCC service area encompasses Lake, McHenry, Kane, DeKalb, Northern Cook, and surrounding counties, and extends into Southern Wisconsin as well. These strategic plant locations and the competency of highly skilled paving crews enables to provide the broad and deep range of services necessary to meet your most aggressive construction schedules.

CCC is best known for its work in providing paving service for commercial, industrial and county/municipal customers and as mentioned on products page. CCC maintains five state-certified field testing laboratories run by graduate engineers with years of in-field experience and these facilities are used to continually test for aggregate gradation, density, air voids, stability, flow and asphalt content, and composition of various asphalt mixtures. 

CCC represents work performed mostly for corporations with a wide variety of paving needs. Whether for reconstruction of an existing lot that has deteriorated to the point of needing repair, or for full design/build of an entirely new parking/staging/loading facility, CCC has the internal and external resources to handle industrial paving jobs of virtually every size and scope.