Edisto Electric Cooperative Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Edisto Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a Touchstone Energy Partner, ands is a member-owned rural electric cooperative headquartered in Bamberg, South Carolina.  The Edisto Electric Cooperative was founded in 1939. 
Essentially, each consumer of the cooperative is a member, with a vote in the affairs of the cooperative. Bylaws, adopted by the members, set forth their rights and responsibilities and lay out the guidelines that assure a democratic organization. Members elect directors to serve on a Board of Trustees, and an annual meeting is held to conduct the business of the cooperative. Local boards employ a professional manager for the co-op, and the manager then has the duty of hiring trained personnel to perform the work necessary for the co-op to function.
The co-op provides service to residential, commercial and industrial consumers in Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Berkeley, Colleton, Dorchester, Hampton and Orangeburg.  Edisto Electric Cooperative gives the power to light homes and brighten the streets; to warm long winter nights and cool hot summer days; to open retail doors and turn the cogs of commerce. Safety is a priority to the staff of Edisto Electric. 

Every month, members of Edisto Electric Cooperative receive a copy of the Living in South Carolina magazine, the official publication printed for members of South Carolina's electric cooperatives.  This magazine contains newsletter, the Cooperative Review.  The Cooperative Review informs the latest news, events, programs and services offered by Edisto Electric Cooperative.

Edisto Electric Cooperative, Inc. provides diversified, innovative energy and related services to its customers consistent with sound business practices, while always acting in a community-building leadership role.