Empire Truck Lines Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Empire Truck Lines Inc was started business since 1975 and continues to build the business upon the values of integrity and fairness. Their business has grown and diversified, they are still a provider of service, whether it is service provided for transportation of goods, container yard facilities, or their trailer repair facilities.

The company began its Intermodal Operations in Houston, Texas in August of 1975. Their current Intermodal Operation spreads thru ten terminals and spans 48 states and Mexico. Their Intermodal Service operates more than 425 Custom Bonded Trucks. They have an exclusive blend of trucks specializing in local drayage, intermediate, and line haulage.

The company specializes in maximizing cargo-loading capacity in 20Ââ€Ã¢„¢ and 40Ââ€Ã¢„¢ foot containers. Empire Truck Lines owns custom designed equipment offering shippers the capability of loading up 52,000 pounds on a 40' container and 47,000 pounds on a 20' container. The company offers thru container delivery to all points in Mexico on Import and Export, including Border crossing and documentation.

Empire Truck Lines was not born of Deregulation, however like many others deregulation afforded them the opportunity to expand their services at will thru hauling Interstate freight. The company offers container depot services at each of their 9 terminals. They are equipped with full EDI capabilities, allowing current inventories and load status at customer fingertips. Empire Truck Lines offer lift capabilities in Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas.

The company provides excellent service to their customers through knowledgeable personnel that are dedicated to excel in their duties. Empire provides a workplace where each employee feels like part of the team and is treated with fairness and respect. They commit to a standard of excellence and to providing the tools that are necessary to maintain and enhance this standard.

Empire Truck Lines' desire to provide a workplace where each employee feels like part of the team and is treated with fairness and respect. A wide range of benefits are available to full time employees including employer sponsored health insurance, paid vacations, vision and supplemental insurance, dental, 401(k) plan, holidays and sick leave, educational reimbursement and more. The Company encourages internal advancement and customer is limited only by desire, dedication, honesty and hard work.

Through completion of their mission, they will develop strong customer relationships and employee satisfaction.