Freight All Kinds Inc


Freight All Kinds Inc was established in 1983 by Ralph Lemberg and Joe Harvey. They have expanded rapidly with over 35 offices nationally.

They pride themselves in prompt and dependable service to trucking companies and shippers. They provide services both with independent truckers and owner operators to serve the demands of their customers. 

Their FAK (Freight All Kinds) Logistics service is to provide a service that calls on the combined knowledge of the distribution professionals that make up their company. They offer Distribution analysis, Marketing/Supply Chain coordination, International distribution development, Warehouse management and many more. The company also provides transportations services. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s less than truckload (LTL) service at less than LTL costs. Through their consolidations they can provide service for the client partial loads at rates that are less than those of many LTL carriers.

Their refrigerated loads have temperature control division that serves food producers, meat packers many other companies that require their product to be maintained at a constant temperature. They treat every load the same. Dry freight may not need the same kind of monitoring as temperature control may, but they are no less important. When the customer needs the freight delivered in a timely fashion the customer can rely on them.

Their Independents truckers program has nationwide offices available for load scheduling, extensive customer base reloads can be offered regularly, cash advances on loads etc. The Freight All Kinds Inc. encourages fleet owners and independent truckers alike to look into signing on under their owner/operator program which include generous revenue percentages, Liability and cargo insurance provided by FAK Inc, the customer can run for FAK regardless of the state domicile, settlements paid daily, annual safety awards and passenger program, 24 hour per day dispatch support, contact steve reed at 800-321-7182 x132 and many more.