Garden State Growers


Garden State Growers has grown from a small one acre greenhouse in 1980 to a production facility of more than 900,000 square feet of greenhouse and an excess of 50 additional acres of outside production making the largest wholesale greenhouse in the state. Most of the propagation of product is done in own facility from the seed or cutting to the finished product which are delivered through shipping department. Garden State Growers area of shipment is extensive as it goes from Maine to North Carolina and as far west as Minnesota. This aggressive approach to shipping and production has enabled to keep up with aggressive market.
Garden State Growers are committed to producing high quality plant material for all valued customers and has control over quality due to the fact that much of operation is self contained, from the propagation to the actual delivery from own fleet of trailers. Garden State Growers incorporated the latest technology such as transplanters, echo watering systems, drip irrigation, heat curtains, and the computer controlled environmental systems, to mention a few. Garden State Growers is committed to continuous growth through technology advances and personnel education and will continue to strive to provide the highest quality product at a competitive price.
Garden State Growers are committed in giving customer service with attention, courtesy, and follow-up. All customers are assigned their own service representative to ensure that needs are recognized and met and for delivery GSG offers free shipping with a minimum order of two racks. Garden State Growers delivery turn around time is 24-48 hours and regularly ships to 11 states in the Northeast and travel as far west as Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.