Kings Express


Kings Express founded in 1983 at Buffalo, New York and Michael King was founder of Kings Express. It began as a one-van courier company and has grown into the most successful air freight trucking company and one of the most successful regional carriers in the area.

They offer service throughout the Great Lakes region, including western New York, Ontario, Canada, and northern Pennsylvania. Kings Express operates out of two main terminals, Buffalo (also company headquarters) and Rochester, New York. From both locations they provide local pickup, delivery, and line haul services. Plus, they offer dedicated trucks, upon request to their customers.

Kings Express having 48 state ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission), New York DOT (Department of Transportation), and Ontario, Canada authorities, is a bonded carrier in the U.S. and Canada. Their fleet includes 25 2006 International straight trucks, one of the most modern fleets in the region and a sign of their commitment to providing the best service possible.

Kings Express provides same-day pickup and delivery services between New York and Ontario, PARS (Public Agency Retirement Services) and PAPS (Pre-arrival Processing System) clearances to ensure quick border crossing, bonded carrier service throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada and computerized freight management that keeps customer apprised where the shipment be and what its status is.

With years of experience and hundreds of thousands of distribution items across its docks, Kings Express is best bet for distribution and warehousing. They offer a wide variety of warehousing and distribution options customized to meet customer specific needs. They have developed the expertise required to operate as a full service pool point to assist the company in managing the product requirements.

Kings Express has Crown Data Systems software which keeps their company state of the art and making information about any freight they have instantly available to them and to customer. They can email status updates and PODs (Payment on Delivery) in seconds because all of their dispatching and paperwork is handled electronically. This helps to keep their customer service among the best in the industry.