Alex R Masson Inc


Alex R Masson Inc. was founded in 1910 by providing year-round flowering plants, tropical foliage plants, and upgraded products. The company is a family owned since its starting, Masson's has always made quality the top priority and exacting attention to detail throughout the production, processing, and distribution processes allows masson's to maintain control over this level of quality. Roughly 85 percent of their product line is grown in-house using modern technology that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. 
Alex R Masson Inc is located on-site in Linwood, Kansas, and is a resource available to local buyers seeking a large variety of blooming and tropical plants at impressive prices. The flexibility and convenience afforded by MWC allows local interiorscapers, landscapers, and florists, to have immediate access to specific purchases of any size. MWC is exclusively wholesale and a tax id number is required for all purchases.
They have diversified facilities in Kansas and New Mexico allow for year round production and availability of an average of 200 different plant items per week. These plants are carefully inspected, cleaned, and packaged before being shipped in their fleet of specialized climate and suspension controlled vehicles. 
Masson's offers retailers the ability to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by providing customized floral programs based on the needs of the individual retailer.  The primary objectives are to maximize the consumer's enjoyment of and satisfaction with their floral products, and to make the retailer as successful and profitable as possible.
The company has experience in producing tropical plants in Florida or California desired, responsibility includes 3 acres of small tropicals, must be knowledgeable, self-motivated, and possess leadership skills, viable salary and benefits, position located at the New Mexico facility.
The company is rapidly developing and growth oriented company that is one of the top 50 growers in the United States. A friendly, people oriented, and energetic environment, they have high-tech greenhouse technology one of the largest year around growers of tropical and blooming plants and have a colorful and constantly changing environment.