Badger Mining Corp


Badger Mining Corp has been in existence since 1979. Badger Mining Corporation Wisconsin production facilities consist of two sand processing facilities. Badger Mining Corporation also has 3 subsidiary operations Badger Mining Poland, Ash Meadows, LLC. and LogicHaul, LLC. 
The company is a privately held, family-owned international corporation that manufactures industrial silica sand, limestone and other aggregates. Industrial markets include hydraulic fracturing, boiler sand, foundry core and molding applications, gravel packing, industrial and construction fillers, wet grinding media and fluxing agents. 
The company tries hard to offer excellent quality, service and value to customers worldwide. They supply a large range of industrial silica sand and complimentary products and services to a large range of industries. Their key markets include metal casting, oil and gas, construction, environmental, industrial and recreational industries. They develop specialty blends and custom grades for specific foundry applications in conjunction with their customers. The company also offers to their customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ cooperative engineering solutions ranging from design of sand handling systems and proper silo design to lab testing services.
The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s foundry team supplies over 20 grades of foundry core and molding sands from their Fairwater and Taylor production facilities in Wisconsin. The base materials are mined from the St. Peter, Jordan and Wonewoc sandstone deposits. Badger Cast products are offered direct from the plant site, delivered via BMCs dedicated fleet of trucks, or one of their many distribution sites throughout North America.
BMC's Frac Team supplies the oil and gas industry with Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“Ottawa-typeÂâ€Ã¢„¢ or Northern White frac and gravel pack sands to the industry from two production operations in the USA and a wide distribution network throughout. BMC offers a wide range of industrial and recreational sands and products that include Golf Course Construction Sands, Sand Trap/Bunker Sand, Grinding Media, and Other Industrial Fillers. Badger Enviro-media consists of exceptionally clean, hard, round and spherical sand grains exceeding all AWWA specifications. From water and industrial filtration to monitor and water well gravel packs, their uniform gradations are ideal for improving production and efficiencies.
Badger Mining Corporation offers its customers the highest quality testing services within the foundry and the oil and gas industries.
Badger Mining Corp mission is to become the quality leader in the industrial minerals industry with a team of people committed to excellence and a passion for satisfying their customers.