Courier Transportation Services Inc Dba Pettyco Express


Pettyco Express provides the most comprehensive Same Day transportation service package in the Jacksonville Metropolitan area, as well as customized inter-city transportation to any point in the United States. Operated within the transportation industry since 1988, they are a privately held corporation. They provide varying levels of service with times specifically set to each of their customer's individual needs. Their out of town service is solely dependent on the driving time and/or flight times from pickup to delivery.
Their vehicular capabilities will literally handle all delivery requirements from an envelope to a 45,000-pound shipment. All deliveries are made on the same vehicle that they are picked up on thus eliminating any handling between our personnel. All of their delivery personnel are in uniform and properly identified. Their service vehicle's range from small covered pickup trucks and cargo vans up through heavy duty straight trucks with lift gates and tractor-trailer combinations. All equipment is properly identified, permitted and insured with commercial grade coverages. They are clean in appearance and are well maintained.
They maintain constant nationwide communication with all drivers utilizing Mobile Data Units. These devices are hand-held computers with real time radio transmitters. The system sends out complete information for all pickup and deliveries between all drivers and all dispatchers. This information is processed through their central computer and all elements of activity are updated as they occur; from pickup time to delivery time and customer signature. They have the unique capability to automatically fax or e-mail a comprehensive proof of delivery to their customers in real time as it occurs; twice a day or nightly as required.
As far as invoicing is concerned they accept Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“Visa/MasterCardÂâ€Ã¢„¢ transactions for those organizations that use Purchasing Cards for their transactions.
They are on call all non-office hours for any emergency pickups through our regular phone numbers. Their management staff has more than 110 years of combined transportation experience and they take pride in their ability to provide services customized to each type of business they serve. Most of the largest organizations in the Jacksonville area utilize their services on a regular basis.