Dealer Transport Service Inc


Dealer Transport is located in Salem Oregon and provides assembly and transportation services for most of the motorcycle dealers in Oregon. They have been in business for over twenty-eight years and have delivered about 500,000 new motorcycles to local dealers during that time. As you can imagine they must be delivered to the showroom floor in perfect condition and that is exactly what they pride themselves in.
Several years ago they began using their experience to deliver privately owned motorcycles to special events around the nation. Since that time they have developed and acquired even more specialized equipment to better serve your needs. They realize the value of your investment and will provide the highest level of care while transporting your motorcycle to the event of your choice. Your motorcycle will be fully insured while in their possession. If you have any questions about their service or their company you can visit their facility to learn first hand about them. They are confident that you will leave feeling that your motorcycle is in good hands.
If you live in Oregon or Southern Washington let them crate your motorcycle for you.  It will save you a lot of time, money and effort, besides they really know how to do it right. 
They will also save you freight charges because they can usually make a lighter box than you can at home plus they get a discount from most major common carriers.
Using services of Dealer Transport Services one can get benefits like professional and damage free service, saves you time, money and less effort. They have all the proper crate materials which will help you save at least 50% of regular freight rates. If you need to ship a motorcycle domestically they can crate it and ship it with another trucking company.  Most of the major freight carriers give them discounts based on their large volume of shipping.  They can probably save you money over what you would pay if you went directly to them. They specialize in shipping motorcycles to both Alaska & Hawaii.

If you need to ship overseas they will crate your motorcycle and help you contact freight forwarder.  This is best because they have access to all the current rules and regulations for the country you are shipping to.