Delille Oxygen Co


Delille specializes in Industrial-Rare and Specialty Gases. In addition to flame welding and cutting apparatus, DeLille is one of the leading suppliers of TIG, MIG, plasma and Oxy fuel. DeLille presents rare gases, pure gases and high accuracy mixes. Their on-going training allows them to deliver the highest quality gases. DeLille has a wide range of purity levels, so you only pay for the purity your equipment demands. And to assure the integrity of their gases. They offer a wide range of specialty gas handling solutions. Delille supplies their customers with countless products including calibration standards, laboratory gases, laser mixtures, EPA Protocols, emission gases, research gases, laboratory equipment, and high purity regulation equipment. Their focus is to deliver the absolute highest level of Value, Service and Quality, both in product and knowledge, to all customers.
DeLille offers exceptionally high grades of gases. DeLille's extensive purification capabilities and processes enable them to provide many grades of pure gases. Often it may not just be the purity that matters, but the level of impurity that makes the real difference. DeLille combines technology-driven products with value-added services to help specialty gas users lower their gas costs. Their customers have the assurance of their total dedication to their satisfaction when they purchase any stock or customized mixture. DeLille produces highly accurate and stable gas mixtures containing component concentrations as low as parts-per-billion. Gas mixtures can be prepared in an endless number of combinations of components and concentrations. Gas mixture classes are characterized by the degree of accuracy, level of traceability, blend tolerance, process accuracy, analytical accuracy and other critical parameters
DeLille Oxygen Company has been supplying the finest equipment, accessories and the purest natural gases to thousands of customers in Ohio.  Since 1924, DeLille has expanded its products and services to meet the new and increasingly sophisticated needs of the welding industry. They shall continue to supply their customers with the best equipment and gases at competitive prices.
Welding equipment continues to become more sophisticated and high-tech. Their Technical Repair & Service Center will get your equipment back to work at peak performance in the shortest possible time.