Henry Wine Group

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Henry Wine Group, industry knowledge runs exceptionally deep. At all levels of the company their employees continue to establish the Henry Wine Group as the most professional national sales company in the fine wine industry. At the management level, they have attracted a distinguished group of professionals whose combined years comprise centuries of wine industry experience. 
Their offices are staffed with dedicated people whose skills cover a wide range of experience in brand management, computer programming, warehousing, logistics, customer service, network engineering, purchasing, and publications.
They place emphasis on training in all departments. Extensive product seminars, classes, training, videos, and thoughtful manuals all play a part in ensuring that their employees grow with the company. To further their efforts, they have instituted a formal wine education curriculum that verses each participant in the scholarship of wine and its making. Their sophisticated sales and management training programs help sharpen and diversify the skills of their employees to a degree that few companies in any industry manage to attain. As a finishing touch, they provide their customers with value-added services such as fine wine education and training for retail and restaurant staff. These services help to reinforce customer relationships and ensure that their supplierÂâ€Ã¢„¢s brands are represented properly all the way to the consumer.
Henry Wine Group has developed powerful technology to effect progress a state-of-the-art software application that has redefined the possibilities for marketing fine wines. This empowering technology is their proprietary innovation that is unique in the fine wine industry. Each member of management and their sales force is equipped with a laptop computer, printer, and mass storage drive. At any time, they can access up-to-date information about any product, account, region, or sales representative and analyze these factors in a myriad of different scenarios. The identification and analysis of sales trends is now more meaningful and effective than ever before, giving them a distinct advantage in meeting the needs of different suppliers and their markets.
The Henry Wine Group is poised to bring our vision and knowledge to markets across the nation. The dramatic and continuing growth of the company stands as the ultimate testimony to the success of placing such a value on service. As they move forward with each new brand and each new market, their founding principles offer rewards and opportunities for their growing association of partners.