Holes Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Holes Incorporated was established in 1972 and has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. They have grown through both boom and bust times in the Gulf Coast areas. They have deep-rooted their staying power by their financial strength, innovative methods, and customer focus. Holes Incorporated is the largest concrete cutting company in the area, and their capabilities are unmatched in the industry.
Holes Incorporated retains experienced employees, which translates into superior problem-solving skills and an ability to provide innovative solutions to concrete cutting, drilling, demolition, and removal needs. They work in Core Drilling, Demolition, Wire Sawing, Concrete Breaking, Slab Sawing, Total Lift- Out, Wall Sawing, Load and Haul.
Holes Incorporated employs highly trained, safety conscious operators. They spend thousands of dollars each year to train and equip their team with the latest safety techniques and tools. They are known as the best in the business.

Holes Incorporated employees are provided the best safety training in the industry, in which they study and develop safer work methods on a regular basis. Not only that, they strive to bring their customers and employees the safest working conditions free from all recognized hazard and danger. Also, they make every effort to provide the best service by maintaining all their equipment, tools, and machines to provide a safe working environment. Holes Incorporated immediately assesses situations that result in near misses or accidents. Also, they comply with all national, state, and local laws and regulations regarding near misses, accidents, and safe working conditions.

Holes Incorporated operates a full-fledged maintenance facility at its Houston headquarters. Their teams of mechanics keep Holes' trucks and equipment in top shape to avoid mid-job breakdowns. Holes Incorporated maintains a large inventory of equipment and tools to complete any job assignment and they have over $4 million in equipment, on hand at any given time.

Holes Incorporated is certified by or a member of the following organizations such as American Society of Concrete Contractors, Association of Chemical Industry of Texas, American Subcontractors Association, Association of Builders and Contractors, Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association, Associated General Contractors, etc.