Kendall Electric Inc.


Kendall Electric is a full line electrical wholesale distributor, serving the Industrial, OEM, and Construction markets since 1930. Through large inventories of quality materials, leading-edge technology, an efficient internal material transfer and delivery system, and expert personalized service, they have become a valuable partner for thousands of organizations.
The company has 100 percent Employee-Owned Company, each of them is equally committed and dedicated to providing customer with the highest-quality technological products, unparalleled customer service, and leading-edge capabilities. When it comes to finding a distributor who will work for customer, ownership truly makes the difference.
They are a 100 percent employee-owned company.  This means each of them are equally committed to providing customer with the highest-quality technological products, unparalleled customer service and leading-edge capabilities which make customer life easier and business more successful.

The company is able to help customer with products, recommend alternatives and even explain breakthrough technologies, which may enhance how customer does business.  They have highly skilled technical support staff in each of their service areas that can assist customer with the design, service and application of products.

In the distribution industry, they have been a pioneer in incorporating information technology into their business operations.  Presently, they have been proactive in using the Internet and other technological advancements to enhance the ease and efficiency with which customer does business. They have one of the most powerful computer systems in the industry, integrated throughout every location and at every owner-associate worksite. This technology allows them to improve their internal and external operations, offering many valuable services to customer.  As technology evolves, they are committed to staying on the leading edge, providing customer with the latest advancements.

The company regularly makes urgent deliveries of much-needed parts and constantly partakes in after hours training to learn about new technological applications, products and services that will help customer. And they always search for new ways to improve quality to better serve customer.  The customer will find this level of excellence in each of their divisions, and in all of their many locations.