Lewis Tree Service Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Lewis Tree Service Inc was established in 1938 and has grown into a leader in providing vegetation management services to utilities and governments.  Their customers rely on them to provide cost-effective vegetation management solutions without compromising quality and safety.  The company currently have over 1800 employees, of which over 900 are shareholders through participation in the ESOP (employee stock ownership plan).  The company operates in a vast area that covers most of the Eastern United States.
Lewis Tree Service Inc has earned a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of customers.  Their focus on efficiency while not compromising quality and safety has made them the vendor of choice for many utility companies. The services that the company provides to utilities include; Distribution Line Clearance, Transmission Right-of-Way Maintenance, Herbicide Application, Tree Growth Regulation, Pipeline Right-of-Way Maintenance, and Substation Maintenance.    

Hiring Lewis to provide vegetation management services on an on going or project basis is a smart way for budget-conscious governments to get the most work completed for their money.    
The list of customers of the company is forever growing and the customers have relied upon them for over 60 years to provide storm emergency response services.  Their highly trained and dedicated experienced staff is only a phone call away from being dispatched to quickly and safely clear vegetation to facilitate the restoration of power.  They can provide specialized equipment that is highly efficient in removing vegetation from roads and right-of-ways.   Lewis has many job opportunities available for trainee and experienced vegetation management professionals.  They offer a competitive wage and benefits package, including the opportunity to become an employee-owner in the Company.

The company is dedicated to working safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well being of the individual and the environment. They reinforce the need for people to actively care about their coworkers. They promote the philosophy that safety is not a priority than can be reordered, but is a value associated with every priority.