Monroe Transportation Services Inc


Monroe Transportation Services Inc was started in 1936. This is a family owned and operated business under the name Monroe Cartage Company. When Ralph Swierenga assumed the leadership of the company in 1949 their honesty, integrity and commitment to service earned them the respect of the customers and a reputation for outstanding customer service.  

Monroe Transportation Services Inc is a common and contract motor freight carrier specializing in less than truckload (LTL) and general pick-up and delivery (P&D), distribution and consolidation, flow through crossdocking and truckload services. They also provide dedicated contract services and limited small package delivery services.  

Their corporate offices are located at the main terminal in Addison, IL. Their services areas are based in Addison, Illinois. They currently serve a 150 mile radius of Chicago, Illinois. Their late model fleet of 101 power units and 250 trailers is dispatched daily throughout Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Southwest.

Their new, modern crossdock facility was designed to improve their efficiency as the LTL distribution and consolidation business continues to grow. This 21,000 square foot, heated crossdock is 67Ââ€Ã¢„¢ wide x 300Ââ€Ã¢„¢ long and has 53 doors. Its design offers the optimum combination of short term, just in time (J.I.T.) warehousing with efficient consolidation crossdock capabilities. They have installed a modern security system, which includes motion detectors throughout their offices and dock areas, a completely fenced trailer yard and dock area, door contacts and in ground wiring for future outdoor cameras and microwave technology, if necessary.

The company currently provides jobs for 148 employees, 137 full times and 11 part times. While in transit, the product is also protected. Their drivers are trained to keep trucks and trailers locked and sealed, as necessary, while the product is under the care, custody and control. With the complicated protection this system offers, they are confident that on site security personnel are unnecessary.

To remain in business today, their competitors like their selves, must provide customers with consistent on time, error free service. This being given, their focus is on the narrow margin of value added services, which give them a competitive advantage over their competition.