Otter Tail Power Co


Otter Tail Power Co was started in 1907 by Wright and three other investors. The company was named after the Otter Tail River, which provided the company's first source of power. Hundreds of years ago, the Ojibwe noted that large sand spit follows the shoreline of the lake where the river flows into it. Because they thought this sand spit resembled the tail of an otter, the Native Americans named the lake Nigagwanoe-Otter Tail. By doing so, they also named a river, a village, a township, a county and a power company.
In 2004, Otter Tail Power Company serves more than 250,000 people in 423 communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Company headquarters situated at Fergus Fall, Minnesota.

The company has invested in the technology, equipment and people necessary to use infrared scanning and thermography to their full potential. In fact, they use these same tools to detect potential problems on their electrical transmission and distribution system before they become costly outages. Doing so allows them to provide more reliable electrical service and reduce their long-term costs. The following symptoms are indications of power quality problems flickering lights, overheating motors, dipping voltage, tripping circuit breakers, failing electronic equipment.

Coal is used to generate most of Otter Tail Power Company's electricity. Renewable such as water, wind, and biomass are used to produce approximately 10 percent of the company's electricity. Most of the remaining energy is purchased from other suppliers. They operate three coal-burning power plants that produce about 80 percent of their electricity.  

Their purchasing advisor is an extensive online library of energy-related technology buyer's guides and management tips. They also cover issues that need to be considered when purchasing a given products. If the clients like to install new electric technologies, they offer convenient DollarSmart financing to help you pay for qualified energy-related purchases for the home or business.

They are a nearly 100 year old community-focused electric utility that challenges employees to improve the quality of life in the areas in which they do business. They also offer competitive pay and benefits, a great working environment and no rush-hour traffic. They are an equal opportunity employer.

Otter Tail Power Company will comply with all environmental laws. If no law exists or if the law does not protect the environment, the company will set and adhere to stringent standards of own.