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Owens Corning was started in 1938.  They realized the potential growth of the glass fiber insulation market, Corning Glass, which had briefly experimented with glass fiber manufacturing in the 1920Ââ€Ã¢„¢s and approached Owens-Illinois with a proposal to join forces in the production of glass fiber. Recognizing the benefits of CorningÂâ€Ã¢„¢s knowledge of glass formulations, Owens-Illinois agreed to the proposal and the two companies decided to share the costs of glass fiber developments

By the end of 1938, the company reported sales of $2,555,000 and 632 employees. Owens Corning and the Duplate Safety Glass Company established Fiberglas Canada in 1939, launching Owens-Corning into the international market, with each founding company owning a 50 percent share. Owens Corning would later own the entire Fiberglas Canada Operation. Today, Owens Corning is a $5 billion global, industry leader with nearly 20,000 employees around the world and with manufacturing, sales and research facilities including joint venture and licensee relationships in more than 30 countries In six continents.

The company provides products like roofing systems, exterior system, exterior designer system, insulating systems, acoustic systems, and basement finishing systems, ventilations and many more.

Their home expert team can do whatever it takes to make the listings ready for quick sale at full market price. From major carpentry to minor electrical work, one call does it all. Fully trained and backed by the Owens Corning name, home expert professionals ensure the quality reputation. Their insulating systems save energy, absorb noise and control condensation to help create designs that optimize operating costs, increase thermal efficiency and enhance occupant comfort.

Trumbull was a key participant in the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and has helped develop the standards released in 1993 to which all highway asphalt manufacturers must adhere. Their telecommunications are developments in network systems, servers, PCs, hand-held devices and televisions will continually redefine telecommunications as the demand for bandwidth, speed and accuracy of information increases at home and work.
Over the years, they have innovated countless uses for fiberglass material, as well as pioneered the development of building and composite products made from other materials. Today, they are recognized as market leader, providing complete solutions for their customer needs.

TomorrowÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Owens Corning will build on their heritage of innovation and quality to deliver the products, systems and services demanded by a rapidly changing world.