Pick Your Park Auto Wrecking.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Low cost used auto parts from the largest self-service auto salvage company in the United States. If your car is a few years old or a classic, Pick Your Park Auto Wrecking has the part you need at the price you want.

Pick Your Part means more to California than just self-service yards with great service and unbeatable prices on used auto parts. With the help of their loyal customers, Pick Your Part has been helping protect California's natural resources for almost three decades.

Not withstanding the thousands of low price parts Pick Your Park Auto Wrecking customers recycle each year, millions of pounds of metal from cars they recycle find their way into useful products all over the world. All of this means less trash in their landfills.

By offering substantial financial incentives Pick Your Part, in cooperation with AQMD, has helped remove old polluting vehicles from California's roads making the air you breathe cleaner. In addition, Pick Your Parts subsidiary, We Care, has been using their extensive expertise in the auto salvage business to help worthy charities in their quest to improve the lives of the less fortunate

Everyone at Pick Your Part assures to continue to protect California for generations to come. They are also looking for their mascot Yermo in more locations near you, as thjey expand to further fulfill their needs. Pick Your Part has self serve yards with low cost parts. Most of their locations also have Primo Yards with parts for newer cars. If you are looking for parts for your classic car Pick Your Part is the place.

Pick Your Part is synonymous with low price car parts, but one also needs to know that they contribute to the car community as well? Pick Your Part also has a custom car division, so keep an eye out for our antique cars, race cars, and especially their jet cars, War Wagon an Secret Weapon.

Pick Your Park Auto Wrecking sponsors and attends a number of car shows and races throughout California. You can visit their website to check for the schedule of such events, as well as information on how you can get involved.