Total Logistic Control LLC.


Total Logistics Control or TLC as it is known was Founded in 1902 and is the only third party provider in the United States to offer a full array of logistics services, across all temperature ranges, both dry and refrigerated/frozen. Logistics is a business of distance, and from a distance TLC may appear to be just another warehousing company or transportation provider. Closer examination of their track record and capabilities reveals TLC to be unique in their ability to provide fully integrated, end-to-end supply chain solutions.
TLC was the first commercial public warehouse in the country to offer its customers on-line inventory management. The first to provide scheduled pool distribution, the first to blend multi-temperature warehousing, transportation and information services into a single-source solution, the first to provide Total Logistic Control. TLC's end-to-end supply chain service offering is uncommon among logistics service providers. TLC offers the multi-dimensional supply chain competency required to design, implement, and manage a flexible, results-driven logistic solution. TLC has proven a strategic business model that blends the stability and safety of an asset-based provider with the flexibility and scalability of non-asset logistics management. This asset/non-asset combination is successful and dynamic. The company transportation, warehouse and management assets provide legitimate expertise; and their non-asset relationships with partner carriers and warehouse providers give them the flexibility to design and operate logistic systems to meet your specific needs.

TLC operates a Tier I application software and technology, including multiple WMS and Transportation Management Systems. Their customers benefit from real-time web-based information for visibility, event management, and reporting. The company also apply optimization-based techniques to logistics strategy questions, and are fluent in the capabilities and practical application of leading edge software.  A growing client roster of Fortune 500 clients, and selection as a Top Ten Provider of Logistics Excellence for 5 Consecutive Years.
TLC delivers strategic competitive advantage for customers by providing full service integrated logistic solutions. TLC will generate a superior return on investment by offering opportunities and rewards for its people.