Bay Industries Inc


Bay Insulation's Fabricated Insulation division serves customers throughout the United States and overseas and supplies a diverse range of original equipment manufacturers with both thermal and acoustical insulation products. Bay Industries uses only the finest materials, holding each of their products to the highest standards of quality. In addition, it has achieved ISO 9002 certification and is fully certified and compliant with automotive industry standards. 
With a broad range of modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology, Bay Industries fabricated insulation division produces custom insulating materials, conformed shapes in virtually any size or configuration and die-cut materials to meet exact specifications.
Bay Industries Insulation's faced MBI fiberglass is a resilient, flexible fiberglass blanket laminated to a high quality vapor retarder facing. It is the most common product used for insulating pre-engineered metal buildings. Faced fiberglass can be installed as a single layer, or combined with unfaced MBI fiberglass and various support hardware to create a High R-Value System. Every order is custom laminated to fit building dimensions and criteria. Each roll is individually tagged to identify its intended location in the building roof, sidewalls, and endwalls. Facing tabs are offered for sealing side joints between adjoining rolls of faced fiberglass with different options.
Bay Industries faced MBI fiberglass is available with a variety of facing finishes. Vapor Retarder facings reduce the flow of interior moisture to the fiberglass and metal siding, protect the fiberglass, and provide an attractive interior finish for the building.
Unfaced MBI fiberglass is a resilient, flexible fiberglass blanket. It is commonly used in conjunction with faced MBI fiberglass or board insulation when higher R-Values are required. Special order item, minimum order quantities may apply, and custom widths also available. It contains BayMax, Banded System, High-Rider System,  Insul-Bar and Insul-Basket. In banded system Faced fiberglass is installed parallel and between purlins with long tabs lapped over top of purlins. Unfaced MBI is used as backfill to completely fill the purlin cavity. The system is supported with metal banding installed perpendicular at underside of purlins and attached with TEK screws. Economical and efficient.
Bay Industries insulation provides installed insulation systems including Elaminator and Roll Runner. Condensation Control Blanket (CCB) is a thick fiberglass and laminates to any of Bay's facings. The product is ideal for minimizing moisture condensation on roof and wall panels in unheated buildings.
Each Bay Industries plant stocks a complete line of insulation accessories including tapes, adhesives, banding, fasteners, and facings.