Blue Bird Transfer Inc


Blue Bird has been serving the northwest, national and international communities since 1928. As a family owned and operated business, the company always goes the extra mile for the families and businesses it serves. Blue Bird thrives on excellence, innovation and quality in its moving operations. Blue Bird Transfer Inc (BBT) provides commercial, residential moving service.  

Blue Bird Transfer Inc provide service in moving families across the country, sensitive computer equipment to the next state, or storing and moving chemicals to the next county. BBT has an integrated, state-of-the-art computer system for easy tracking of moves, using round the clock visuals, from start to finish. BBT use a modernized, electronic dispatch system that provides a hand on look at any shipment and at any facility on demand, providing speed and responsiveness to customers. Effective technology and systems, everything that can be recycled is implemented into the day-to-day operations including every piece of paper in the office, the boxes used for packing, and the tires and oils used in the vehicles.  

The Blue Bird Transfer office and industrial division is growing rapidly. BBT have moved all kinds of businesses like as technology, professional services bankingmedical, and distribution and provides storage facility with security, climate-controlled environments, flexibility, etc. BBT with the support of Allied Distribution Services provides single-source record storage and warehousing program. Storage includes records, special products, non-toxic chemicals, furniture, fixtures, and equipment for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and offices. BBT provide any storage term as short or as long.  

Blue Bird Transfer is a partner in the largest and most integrated international relocation network that is unrivaled in the industry. BBT is recognized as the world's leading mover with more corporations putting their trust in their international relocation system than any other mover. International moving has effective technology and communications in which online international shipment tracking system, strategic customer advisory network (SCAN) which is the most advanced international shipment tracking system in the world, links agents with up-to-the-minute data on all shipments.  

Blue Bird Transfer continues to focus on innovation to reduce costs and improve transport service and timing.