Everglades Lumber & Building Material

By: Bubbajunk.com

Everglades Lumber & Building Material (ELBM) was established in 1941 and caters to the building needs of general contractors, developers, architectural firms and builders among others in the trade. ELBM facility sits on 7 acres of land in the heart of Miami with a fleet of more than 30 trucks leaving everyday supplying lumber, rebar, millwork and sundries to projects sites all over South Florida including Monroe, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.
ELBM is one of the largest distributors of lumber in South Florida. ELBM facility in Miami unloads and delivers fifty rail cars of material a month. All of lumber products are competitively priced. ELBM provides a knowledgeable staff with decades of experience in the lumber market to assist in tailoring lumber needs to specific budget. Most of the lumber that builders need is in stock and can be delivered to the jobsite within 24 hours after placing order.
ELBM provides hardware items for building and maintenance needs. ELBM store has an assortment of over 50,000 hardware items with a wide selection of hardware, tools, and other sundries. ELBM products include power tools, hammers, nails, screws, rivets, washers and hand tools among other building supplies. Staff is at disposal waiting to assist in locating products and providing with support. ELBM carry most of the recognized brands in the industry. Everglades lumber stocks approximately 5,000 tons of rebar and with its two facilities, has the capacity to fabricate 3,000 tons per month. Engineering department details everything from addition to house to an ocean front high-rise building.
ELBM operates a full service millwork facility south of Miami in the city of Homestead and produces an extensive range of millwork. The skilled craftsmen produce custom interior and exterior doors and mouldings. ELBM offer pack millwork and stock millwork for projects that serve a homogenous setting. In addition, ELBM offer specialty millwork specific to suit a custom job. ELBM provides a variety of different trims including exterior trims, door trims, interior trims, running trims and window trims.
A commitment to quality products and excellent reliable service from professionals with years of experience in the trade is the driving force behind ELBM and provides service on high quality products, relentless customer service, and full sales support.