Home Run Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Home Run Inc. got their roots in the 1920 by operating a small LTL and TL carrier up and down Route 35 from Dayton, Ohio to Portsmouth, Ohio. This heritage carried over to the 1960 when they became a specialized carrier hauling manufactured homes throughout most of the states east of the Mississippi.

Presently, Home Run is known as a reliable carrier providing both dedicated as well as flat bed service to customers in the Mid Atlantic, South, and Midwest. The company is continually growing to meet customer needs.

The company pride themselves on professionalism both on and off the road as evidenced by their modern, late model equipment and their efficient, knowledgeable corporate staff. The company equipments fleet has air ride aluminum trailers, binders, chains, straps, tarps, edge protectors, blocking material and no side kits.

Home RunÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Freight Hauled such as lumber, steel, crypts, containers, chassis, drywall, palletized material, bleachers, vinyl siding, roofing, beams, machinery, building material, fencing, coils, aircraft parts, air conditioners, trees and permitted loads.

The company brings together the best people, the best training, and the best support. Their people are expected to work hard and smart to keep this the best flatbed carrier in the nation. Their industry requires hard work and long hours and customers expect service on their schedules and not at their convenience. The company looks forward to a long-standing relationship. They work hand in hand to accomplish mutual goals in a professional, quality, and safety oriented manner.

The company achieves these goals while being successful and profitable while maintaining and strengthening their relationship with customer. They look for out drivers with outstanding safety and driving credentials. Company reward them with a Pay/Benefit Package, equipment, support and a work environment that are all well above industry standards.

Driver's Pay Package & Benefits is Health & Medical Benefits, Holiday Pay, Paid flatbed training for CDL A drivers, Safety Bonus Pay Plan, Tarp Pay, Stay on Bonus, Satellite Communications,401(k) retirement plan with company contributions, Three Day paid Driver Orientation Program, if necessary and Direct Deposit Payroll.

The company mission is grow conservatively, care and listen, fulfill customer needs, to be recognized as a leader by continually improving with technology, to employ people committed to excellence and to provide the best their industry has to offer it's people.