Jim Walter Homes.

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1946 Jim Walter starts a homebuilding business in Tampa, Fla. Today, the company has grown into a conglomerate involved in a wide range of businesses from paper to marble to carpet manufacturing. Today Jim Walter Homes introduces new models featuring more open floor plans, improved curb appeal.

Since its inception, Jim Walter Homes has built more than 350,000 houses, and today ranks as America's largest builder. Jim Walter Homes' product line features more than 20 home models marketed through our Sales Centers located in 16 Southern states.

Jim Walter Homes builds on property owned by the customer. In many cases, the value of the land can substitute for the cash down payment required by most lenders. Financing for this type of transaction is available with no points or closing costs to the customer.

Jim Walter Homes also makes financing available for both the land and home through its affiliate, Walter Mortgage Company. This allows buyers to pay off their land while buying a home, and also supports sales efforts in the Company's first two subdivisions, in Houma, La., and Brookwood, Ala.

Walter Industries, Inc. is a vibrant organization with a wide variety of jobs in its homebuilding, financing and industrial businesses. The Company wants its employees to have meaningful careers in a working environment that stresses integrity, respect for others and teamwork. Walter Industries, an equal-opportunity employer, is committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all employees and applicants.

As Jim Walter Homes not only builds homes, but also finances them for up to 30 years, customer satisfaction is essential to the strength of Jim Walter Homes, just as it has been through the Company's 50-plus years as America's leader in affordable housing.