Lampton-Love Inc


Lampton-Love was established in 1956 and its subsidiaries deliver liquefied petroleum gas to retail and wholesale customers in both rural and urban areas across the mid-south of United States with 115 specialized bobtail trucks, 30 offices and over 70 satellite bulk storage facilities throughout the region. 
Lampton-Love provides service with different units including Space Heater/Central Heating, Water Heater, Propane Gas Logs, Propane Gas Range/Oven and Propane Gas Electric Generator unit.
The budget plan allows to make the same payment amount each month all year long with no more high gas bills during the winter months. Pre-buy allows purchase propane for the winter months during the time of year that propane is usually more economical such as the month of August. All pre-buy gallons are used before the end of the next June and any gallons left over are refunded or credited. Lampton-Love offer many types of cylinder exchange programs such as forklift exchange or fill-on-location.
Lampton-Love routing system gives piece of mind which does not run out of propane. The routing system puts an end to this inconvenience for the company and will be arranged in the area on certain days of the week and keeps tank checked and add propane when needed. Lampton-Love Inc provides services in different ways. They give safety tips, cylinder care and about it handling, gas policy, energy saving tips, etc.
Lampton-Love Inc growth is the result of commitment to the clients and customers. Every customer is important to Lampton-Love and meeting customer needs is the primary focus of the business and is committed to its clients in order to provide the highest service levels and best values to the customers.