Ruan Transport Corp.


Ruan Transport Corp. was established in 1932. On his first run hauling gravel, John Ruan realized he could transport more material by reducing the time it takes to complete a delivery cycle. John had three trucks hauling 42 tons of coal a day.

Ruan Transport dedicated contract carriage customers take advantage of complete door-to-door shipping solutions without the overhead associated with owning and operating their own fleet of trucks. They capitalize on their ongoing investment in equipment, drivers, service centers, and the latest technologies in everything from supply chain optimization to mobile communications.

The company has considerable experience optimizing the supply chains of their manufacturing customers. Whether handling JIT inbound shipments of raw materials to manufacturing facilities, interplant movements, multi-stop deliveries to distributor/dealer networks, and anything in between, they have the driver pool and logistics expertise to get it done. When it comes to retail supply a chain, speed means everything and run out of product at critical times and bottom lines can quickly bottom out. Their retail customers rely on Ruan because they know they can expect their goods to arrive on time, where they are supposed to be delivered.

Ruan in other non-classified established businesses such as Grocery, an inefficient supply chain is a surefire way to spoil a company's bottom line. This is perhaps most true in the grocery industry, where delays in delivery result in empty shelves and dissatisfied consumers from their earliest days more than 70 years ago when they had only a handful of trucks, Ruan has served the needs of their grocery customers. The company makes it easier for them to feed America more efficiently and profitably.

Ruan Certified Brokerage Services; an empty truck does nothing but add to the cost of shipping products. Additionally, to finding trucks to haul freight on a truck by truck basis, they can line up freight for their customers' trucks that might otherwise return home empty. Their contacts with top independent trucking companies nationwide, as well as other companies requiring shipping, make it easy to create a win-win situation for everyone.

The company tailors systems to their customers' specific needs, rather than make their shipping needs fit their system. The company business is to get to know their customers' operations thoroughly and then offer customized supply chain solutions that evolve along with them.