Scully Distribution Services Inc


Scully Distribution Services Inc has built their business and increased the range of their services based on the premise of providing the best service to the customers. Company insures their mutual success firmly believe that must provide customer the highest level of customer service and satisfaction through strong communication. They will reduce customer total cost. Their mission is to provide the safest, most efficient trucks and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scully Distribution is to understand the specific needs of their customers and become intimate within their organizations

The company offers a full range of daily rental trucks and tractors built with safety and fuel efficiency in mind. All of their equipment is late model and supported by their 24-hour emergency road service. The company is providing a full collection of rental equipment such as New Fleet for Optimum Fuel Efficiency and Safety, Custom Design for Maximum Driver Comfort and Nationwide Support through National ease.

Scully full service lease, they own, maintains, and administers the vehicles. The company will take care of, Vehicle specification & identification, Washing, Administration, including licensing, permits & taxes, All vehicle maintenance, Fuel at substantial savings 24 hour emergency road service, Replacement vehicles, Discount on extra rental equipment and Regulatory & safety compliance.

Scully distribution services will provide of complete analysis of customer transportation department, accurate specified equipment, fully qualified drivers with uniforms, all driversÂâ€Ã¢„¢ benefits, computer vehicle maintenance program, all drivers and equipment compliance, fuel management, all insurance, 24 hour automated dispatching and routing, computerized reporting, licensing and permits, all taxes, tax reporting and filings, and efficiency audits.

Their Scull contract maintenance programs customer will benefit from the exact same support & services offered under their full service lease. The only difference is that customer owns the vehicles from the moment the vehicle is placed under their maintenance program it will receive the same intensive care as if they owned it themselves.

Scully Distribution is customer local business partners, their primary goal is to learn, understand & meet customer specific equipment needs to assist customer business grow.