Trenton Group Inc


Hanover Concrete Company was established in 1940 and remains a family owned business through four generations of Albright ownership. 
The company remained steadfast in the belief that providing quality products, quality services and quality people make a quality company. It is the commitment to excellence that has made Hanover Concrete, Shrewsbury Concrete, and Gettysburg Concrete industry leaders in the south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland regions.
Trenton Group Inc available in some location such as Hanover, PA, Gettysburg, PA, Shrewsbury, PA.
TG Inc provides both technical and a variety of rental equipment services Technical Services- concrete technicians will travel to the site to conduct the physical testing on the concrete as follows: Slump test, Air content test, Sample concrete test cylinders, Plants- The  concrete plants are also certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and contain inhouse testing laboratories that maintain stringent quality control measures, Reinforcing Steel Fabrication- At the heart of any quality concrete structure is reinforcing steel. We will perform in-house steel fabrication including cutting and bending to any specification Our 60 grade reinforcing steel is available in sizes from 3/8" to 1" in diameter.
TG Inc rents cranes to the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Serving a two hour drive radius from any of our facilities such as 14 ton RO Stinger crane - 63 foot boom, Concrete Pump Rental, Equipment; Tool Rental and Sales, Air Compressors, Wheelbarrows, Bull Floats, Toweling machines, Cellar chutes, Concrete vibrators.
The largest selections of top quality concrete mixes is available .The available Concrete Mixes are Ranging from 300 - 10,000 psi, High early strength, Retarding, Curbing, Flow able backfill and tank fill, Integral waterproofing, Grouting, Pumping, Colored concrete, Exposed aggregate, Lightweight concrete, Fiber mesh or steel reinforced concrete, Zonolite insulator concrete. In addition to the types of stone and sand available, TG Inc also carries various sizes and colors of decorative landscaping stone and hardwood mulch. And also offer the following concrete related and building products: Caulking, Epoxy & Concrete Patch, Concrete & Masonry Cleaning Agents, Expansion Joint, Key Joint & Plastic T-Strip, Concrete Curing & Sealing Compounds, Drain Products, Concrete Forming, EPS Foam Insulation & Masonry Block Fill, Traffic Control & Safety Products, Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Products, etc
TG Inc is committed to providing the customers with the highest quality concrete products and services available for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. TC Inc focus emphasizes personal relationships and superior customer satisfaction in the south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland markets.