Wills Trucking Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

The industrial market is the historical portion of Wills Trucking, Inc.'s business; they have served the major centers of the East and Midwest as a bulk commodities carrier since 1951.

The company has regularly adapted equipment and methods to meet the specific needs of their customers. The company has the technical skill and creativity to handle a large range of materials, safely and efficiently.

The company has drawing from a fleet of 400 tractors and dump trailers, owned or under lease, equipment choices include as Frame, Frameless-allows larger load with high volume density, Control flow tail gates, Two-way tailgates, Secondary safety locks, Up to 40 feet, Waterproof roll tarps, Air ride suspension, tie downs for coiled steel. 
The company network of customer service centers serve as the core for providing service. Generally situated in the center of the hauling activity, the customer service centers are the nucleuses for all activity surrounding Wills' customers and drivers. The staff at each center seeks to understand and meet the special needs of every Wills' customer.
Wills Trucking provides a complete service menu to satisfy the transporting needs of their customers. They regularly haul such as Hazardous, Medical waste, Non-hazardous waste, Incinerator ash, Municipal solid waste, Construction debris, Sludge for landfill and beneficial use.
Wills Services, Inc. specializes in saving customer time and money. They offer customer one stop shopping. Their personnel are highly qualified and offer a large background and knowledge of the transportation industry. Dump trailers, Roll-off trailers, Vans open or closed top, Tankers, including agitator tanks, Flat beds, Lowboys/drop decks, Pin chassis, live floors.
The company is one of the country's premier bulk commodities trucking companies. Their network of service centers stretches from coast to coast. Their hauling region crosses four time zones. Their established replacement plan insures all their tractors are less than five years old and maintained to DOT standards. Maintenance is assured through their strategically placed facilities at Richfield, Ohio and Clinton, New Jersey, with contracted services throughout the various customer service center locations.
The company is the sensible choice. Customers deserve to receive long-term results, not just a quick fix and receive unbiased, confidential service that focuses on transporting, not on competing with those they serve.