Chamberlain Oil Co Inc


The Chamberlain Oil Co. has been retailing gasoline and diesel since 1949. The Chamberlain Oil Co. boasts of the fact that most of their employees have been with the company for countless years. The Chamberlain Oil Co. works closely with its suppliers and understands the importance of image in retail gasoline marketing. They can provide you with all the latest image programs available from our suppliers.
Chamberlain Oil has been associated with the commercial and agricultural customers since 1949. They train their employees so they can give the commercial and agricultural customers proper product recommendations and answer and of their questions. The invaluable experience the employees have with the company gives the company an advantage over the competition. Their employees are known experts in the petroleum business.
At Chamberlain Oil Co. work means to understand how your business operates and which lubricants will best suit your needs. The dedicated and experienced employees provide customized service solutions like on-site inventory control, specialized deliveries, bulk equipment and fluid management programs. The company network of sales representatives and distribution facilities ensures prompt delivery and a well-stocked local inventory. You'll also receive technical support from the staff backed up by lubricant and coolant engineers from the certified company suppliers.
Understanding how your farm operates and which lubricants will best suit your needs is part of the company business. With the steady rise in agribusiness overhead, it's now more important than ever to keep your equipment out of the maintenance shop. From motor oils, greases, gear oils and hydraulic fluids that help you get the most from your machines and the most from your farm.
Through a combination of committed and highly dedicated staff, quality products and reliable services, you will not only be guided and helped to manage your entire lubrication program but you will also save money, increase efficiency and solve problems quickly. The company features high quality industrial products from Texaco, Shell & Mobil. With a comprehensive line of mineral oil and synthetic based lubricants, you can count on Chamberlain Oil Co. for all your lubrication needs.