E W Wylie Corp.

By: Bubbajunk.com

E.W. Wylie Corporation was started in 1938. This is a flatbed trucking company servicing 48 states and six Canadian provinces. They offer services in general freight hauling, a brokerage department an owner-operator fleet and a company fleet and many more. They were recognized as a top ten flatbed carrier in the nation by the American trucking association. They have earned an E.W. Wylie corporation which an acceptable department of transportation (DOT) and safety rating.  

The company uses certain types of equipment like Number of power/tractor units 200, Average age of power/tractor units 2.0 years, percent of company-owned and leased trailer units 90percent, number of trailer units 230, Average age of Trailer units 4.0 years, a percent of company-owned and leased tractor units 60percent and equipment listing 230-flatbed trailers.  

The company also has the insurance: cargo coverage- $250,000, liability coverage- $2,000,000, overcharge and loss & damage claims policy etc. Their overcharge and loss/damage policy follows national freight claim and Security Council rules. 

  This trucking company rewards with good benefits to the employee group such as credit union, stock purchase plan, life insurance $25,000 - no cost to employee, direct deposit, (ATA) Awards & Recognition and tripped express etc. They also provide a good package like Holiday Pay- which pays $96.00 per day for six holidays. A driver must be on the way to be eligible for the holiday pay, Vacation Pay- for 1 week every year. In health care they offer Blue cross blue shield select choice 500. The company pays all but $125 of the single rate and $360 of the family rate and dental plus vision coverage is also available to their employees at a competitive price.  

The company has earned numerous national and state driving safety awards. They service many fortunes 500 companies in addition to its medium and small customers. They can be a quality flatbed solution to your shipping department.