Consumers Cooperative Society


The Consumers Cooperative Society was formed by a small group of University of Iowa employees who organized a buyers club to help make ends meet during the pinch of the great depression. The Society officially began on March 16, 1940.  Looking back in time the Consumers Cooperative Society has seen so much progress, and change that it literally boggles the mind.  The company that started despite all advice to the contrary is now a multimillion dollar operation boasting of the finest equipment, the best trained employees, and a future that is as solid as the commitment of the people who have worked and planned to bring the company to the point where they are today. 
The Consumers Cooperative Society has survived through the Great Depression, World War II, fire, flood, and even theft. It has rebounded from every adversity time and time again and has always emerged stronger and wiser from the challenge.  As the members of the society look back with pride at the last fifty-nine years, it is also important to keep an eye to the horizon, watching for the course that will take them smoothly and profitably far into the next millennium.
They have a north office that is located at 3500 2nd Street Coralville. Their south office is located at 2144 Old Hwy. 218 S. Iowa City.   The primary areas of emphasis at the south plant are grain, soybean meal and seed.   You may call either location to initiate an order and they will gladly get it routed to the correct department. The Consumers Cooperative has proudly served the communities in and around Johnson County for over 60 years. They greatly value the business of both their farm and non-farm customers. They also greatly appreciate your comments, opinions, suggestions as well as your questions. So please be a part of this society and help strengthen it with your ideas and support.