Geldbach Petroleum


Geldbach Petroleum was founded in 1920 by Herbert H. Geldbach with a single goal in mind. To provide fuel to his customers in the timeliest basis for the best price available.  He began his company humbly with one handmade truck and sixteen gallon milk cans.  While delivering home heating oil and kerosene to his residential customers, he developed an unintentional niche of clientele for his business.  When cars were first invented, people would stop him on the side of the road for gasoline.  Gasoline gauges were not entirely accurate, and it was difficult for people who were used to hopping on a horse or buggy to grasp the idea of purchasing fuel in order to go.  It was not uncommon to find several people out of gas, stranded on the road.

Today  Geldbach Petroleum, along with its sister company Marlen Gas Company, serves St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, Washington, St. Francois, Iron, Franklin, and St. Genevieve counties. They currently service thousands of homes and commercial accounts.  Their main business focus lies in heating residential homes, but they are very strongly represented in the forklift cylinder industry as well as temporary heat for construction sites.

The company has a budget program. The program is designed to manage unexpected high propane bills during winter months, when your propane tank is filled frequently. When you enroll in the plan, an average monthly payment is established based on your prior year's usage. If you're a new customer, your monthly payment is based on projected usage, depending on the size of your household and the number of propane gas appliances you have in the home. Your monthly payment may fluctuate slightly depending on the cost of propane and your current usage. When used properly and safely, propane is a clean-burning, economical, environmentally friendly and versatile fuel with many different uses. Home uses include central heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying. As with any energy product, it is important to understand, respect and know how to safely use your propane system and appliances. Being familiar with proper safety precautions can protect you, your family and your property from accidental injury or loss.

The company has a comprehensive service backup and is ready to help out with all emergencies 24/7. So for all your gas needs you can rest assured that you have a partner to rely on. All you need to do is call.