Hutchens Petroleum Corp


The Hutchens Petroleum Corp was founded in 1975. It started out as a home heating oil provider and still serves its immediate area with quality home heating products. Hutchens Petroleum is a major petroleum marketer located in southern Virginia and services central-southwest Virginia and the Piedmont of North Carolina.
Hutchens Petroleum Corp services homes with the choice of oil or propane and any related appliances and accessories. The firm has diversified over the years and today Hutchens Petroleum is a local marketer for the Marathon, CITGO, and Sunrise brands of gasoline at over 40 locations in the bi-state area. Hutchens Petroleum proudly markets CITGO, BP, Castrol Heavy Duty and Primrose fleet and industrial lubricants. Their primary business, however, is serving customers, and whether it is home heat or the most sophisticated synthetic lubricant, you can count on Hutchens Petroleum to provide the trade's finest and friendliest service to each and every customer.
Hutchens Petroleum has been providing the piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina with home heating oil for over a quarter of a century. They constantly strive to serve customers with the highest quality products, at the most competitive price, with premium service that is unmatched in the industry.
The Company is dedicated to delivering quality products with a smile to each customer. Their comprehensive fleet of transport and short trucks are available for deliveries when ever you need them. The company has a team of friendly courteous drivers who are not only available during those harsh winters we sometimes experience, but throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are prepared to tackle any challenge that the harsh mid-Atlantic winters can provide. Hutchens Petroleum offers comprehensive plant surveys with trained and experienced lubricant specialists. For convenience, they offer weekly scheduled delivery and drum recovery. They deliver the finest oils and greases in the quantities you need...from quart bottles to tanker loads.
Hutchens Petroleum's business is to keep your business energized. They have you covered. From fuel oil, LP-propane gas, commercial lubricants to gasoline, they  are your one-stop source for all petroleum needs. Their invaluable experience provides for petroleum farm use, logging, and forest products, as well as commercial and residential heating. Quality products at a competitive price delivered when you need them...that's the Hutchens Petroleum way!