Knights Delivery Service Inc


Knight's Delivery Service began as a proprietorship in 1978 and was later incorporated in May 1982. It is also a third generation trucking family with roots that date back to a few years before the great crash of 1929.The company initially started as B&L Truck & Transfer, a two man operation handling whatever they could load in the back of a truck. B&L were the initials of Burt and Louis L. Mockenhaupt, two brothers.

Knight's Delivery Service specializes in all facets of harbor drayage throughout the greater Southern California area. Knights Delivery Service Inc Services include Import & Export container delivery to and from the Los Angeles/Long Beach ports and rail yards as well as loose freight (LCL) pick up & delivery, cargo warehousing/container storage, transloading onto vans or flatbeds, and overweight container delivery with the use of special equipment. They have interchange agreements with all the rail yards and steamship lines who call here, as well as a long term rapport with the Southern California area customs-house brokers who prepare the documents to clear your cargo through the ports. The company dispatch/availability department constantly monitors your shipment from the moment they receive the delivery order until final delivery is coordinated with the consignee. A standard Knight's operating procedure includes the pre-lodging of the original delivery order with the berths that require it. This guarantees that your shipment is registered in the stevedore's computer system with the necessary cargo and delivery details.

Knight's Delivery Service provide Warehousing-Transloading/Container Storage Knight's has installed state of the art security systems to protect either warehoused or container stored cargo, Each loaded container/trailer is secured with king pin locks and Enforcer rear door security locks as well as full night lighting in the container/trailer storage areas. Knight's Delivery Service provides Special Equipment transport overweight 20' containers up to 41,000 lbs. net cargo weight (waterlevel load) directly from the harbor to the importer/exporter, their dollies use conventional 20' chassis with 4ft. sliding tandems, so the chassis can be slid flush to the rear allowing normal dock plate access while loading or unloading, using conventional tri-axle chassis. This frees the customer to have the container/chassis dropped to load at his own pace if so desired.