Winder Dairy Inc


Winder Farms was formerly known as Winder Dairy and has been providing farm fresh goodness to the doorsteps of tens of thousands of Utah homes since 1880.  In addition to milk, cheese, creams, yogurt, eggs, fresh squeezed juices, and cookie dough; they will soon be delivering fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads.  Although they have been Utah's local milkman for over a century and a quarter they are increasingly becoming a farmer's market on wheels, delivering freshness to the doors of families living healthy, engaged lifestyles.
They are a family business, with the fifth and sixth generation of Winders still involved in the ownership and operation of the business, and committed to the highest quality.  The company has been extended to include valued customers, employees that care passionately about delivering freshness, and partnerships with Dolphin II and Peterson Partners. There are many types of products that the company supplies such as fruit, pizza, milk, eggs, juice drinks etc.

The fresh and tasty products from Winder Farms are what makes them famous. Fresh milk from cows not injected with growth hormones, bread baked fresh daily in their own bakery, eggs without artificial hormones, 100% pure squeezed juices NOT from concentrate, and many more.

Located at Winder Farms, 4400 West 4100 South in West Valley City, the Country Store is both a restaurant and a store. Their daily lunch specials are popular, as is the daily breakfast special.  Hot dogs, ice cream cones, sundaes and shakes are served all day.
The Winder name is associated with the home delivery line of the business, but since their origin in 1880 they have also been delivering to a variety of wholesale businesses.  Some of their first customers were hotel and boarding houses, and today they deliver to resellers, day cares, nursing homes, manufacturers and fine restaurants.