Morse Brothers Inc


Since 1970, Morse Brothers has been New EnglandÂâ€Ã¢„¢s leading producer of bulk bark mulch. Company using only hemlock, cedar, pine and other softwood barks, Morse Brothers mulch is 100 percent natural and contains no harmful pesticides, creosotes or chemicals. Morse Brothers is a family owned company who has been producing and distributing quality bark mulch for Nurseries, Wholesalers, Garden Centers, and Landscape Professionals throughout New England from last 30 years.

Their Bark mulch is made from virgin materials, Competitive Pricing and volume based discounts, Fast, Reliable Delivery on their fleet of trucks equipped with live floor, self unloading trailers. MDG processing; their exclusive continuous grind produces a product that is better than triple grind. Their Accurate Yardage, using their high-tech Wizard II laser measurement system and Extensive Product line; 7 bulk products plus a complete line of bagged products.

Their exclusive MDG process, the bark is first put through their state of the art hammer mill.  They carefully screen it to be sure it matches the strict guidelines and finally, they pile the newly created mulch onto paved black top beds, making it worthy of the Morse Brothers name. That's why Morse Brothers mulch always has a consistent color and texture that lasts all season long.

They have always coming up with innovative ways to improve their products, ways that allow you to realize greater profit. For example, they were the first company to color improve their barks. This simple yet dramatic improvement made it easier for their customers to point out the differences in the various grades, helping them command higher price points.

Their superior, smartly marketed products are nothing without quality service, and that's another Morse Brothers hallmark. They own their own fleet of tractors and live floor trailers are always accurately loaded and checked before leaving the yard. Deliveries are timed to suit customer schedule and typically arrive within 48 hours of order.

Morse Brothers, The right people, the right products and the right price means you make more money.