Questar Gas Management Co


Questar Corporation was started as an investor owned, integrated energy holding company in 1984. Its origins date to the 1922 discovery of natural gas in southwestern Wyoming by an ancestor exploration and production company. Construction was completed in 1929 on a pipeline to transport a developing natural gas supply to Utah markets. In 1935 various holdings were consolidated under the name Mountain Fuel Supply Company, which was the parent company until 1984. Questar is a natural gas-focused energy company with three principal businesses such as gas and oil exploration, development and production, gathering and processing interstate gas transportation and storage and retail gas distribution.

Questar Pipeline is an interstate pipeline company that transports natural gas in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado and operates gas-storage facilities in Utah and Wyoming.  Their gas provides retail gas distribution service to more than 800,000 customers in Utah, southwestern Wyoming and a small portion of southeastern Idaho. Questar Gas is regulated by the public service commission of Utah and the Wyoming public service commission.

Their market resource is a fully owned subsidiary of Questar Corporation and is the primary growth driver within Questar. Market Resources conducts its operations through four major subsidiaries such as Questar Exploration & Production acquires, explores for, develops and produces gas and oil; Wexpro manages, develops and produces cost of service reserves for affiliated company. Questar Gas Management provides gas gathering and processing services for affiliates and third parties. They also provide risk-management services and through its fully owned limited liability company Clear Creek Storage Company LLC, own and operate an underground gas-storage reservoir.

Their community commitment believes that it is their responsibility and privilege to invest in the communities where they live and work. Their commitment is one of action. Through their employee volunteer team and shareholder funded donations dedicated to education and the arts, they work to strengthen the communities where they do business. By getting involved in the issues that affect the greatest number of customers and colleagues, they strive to make life better for those around them while investing in their future.

They concentrate on financial and volunteer support on projects and organizations that share their commitment for promoting healthy cities and neighborhoods and improving the quality of life of others.