Superior Bowen Asphalt Co LLC


Superior Bowen Asphalt Company was formed in January 2000 with the merger of Bowen Construction Company and Superior Asphalt Company.  The merged company has over 70 years of combined experience in the asphalt paving business.   The company has 8 asphalt plants in the Kansas City Metro area; they are well positioned to meet any of their customers needs.
Making asphalt is like baking a cake, customer measure all the right ingredients, mix them up and heat them for the final product. Asphalt starts with a mixture of sand and small and large rocks, asphalt cement is heated and combined with the rocks thus the name hot mix asphalt. The HMA must be kept pliable for proper installation, so asphalt facilities must be located near paving sites. There are two basic types of plants used to manufacture hot mix asphalt.

Asphalt roads are removed, recrushed, mixed with additional aggregate and virgin asphalt cement, and placed back on the road. And asphalt can be made to perform better the second or even third time around.  Recycling asphalt roads not only conserves natural resources and decreases construction time, it saves American taxpayers more than $300 million each year. These everyday efforts conserve precious natural resources, minimize the impact of asphalt plant operations on the environment, and reduce reliance on landfills. It's a win-win situation.

Safety is a top priority at asphalt facilities, and it shows. Because asphalt facilities work with fuel and fuel oil, they take strict precautions to prevent accidents or spills. By federal law, an asphalt facility must keep these products either in underground tanks that meet the strict standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or in aboveground tanks surrounded by berms, that would hold all the contents in the event of a spill. The safety and health of workers is just as important, because construction and maintenance work is conducted in work zones with cars and trucks zipping by, the paving site is an area of special concern.

The company always make a quality finished product their number one objective, and they constantly attain this objective without compromising schedule or budget constraints. They believe their projects should be mutually beneficial to their customers and their company. A quality finished product clearly benefits the customer and reinforces the value.