USA Cartage Inc


USA Cartage Incorporated is a regional truckload motor carrier that provides reliable next day service to the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic Regions. The Company provides irregular route, multi stop, and dedicated truckload service they also provide service to parts of the Midwest and Southeast regions as well as Ontario, CN. USA Cartage employs over 125 people, operates a comprehensive fleet of 90 trucks and 180 trailers and is widely regarded as one of the most reliable carriers in the region.

USA Cartage incorporated is a privately owned Maryland Corporation that was founded in 1986. The Company is a member of the Maryland Motor Truck Association and The American Trucking Association.  

The company provides a wide range of services like; regional truckload services, dock services, local cartage and liftgate services. The Company provides dependable regional truckload services in and between the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast. They provide irregular route, multi stop and dedicated service. Linked by a 24-hour dispatch and with all trucks equipped with on-board satellite communications, the company provides a dependable and confident service.

USA Cartage, Inc., has selected Aether MobileMax2, Aether's wireless communications system, for its fleet of 85 trucks. By enhancing communication between drivers and fleet managers, the Aether MobileMax2 system will help USA Cartage to increase the level of customer service and improve overall productivity and efficiency of its fleet. USA Cartage, which primarily serves the Northeastern states, plans to complete all installations during the fourth quarter of the year.  

USA Cartage Incorporated offers outstanding full-time and part-time career opportunities for those seeking employment with them. Full-time employees are eligible for a comprehensive benefits package while part-time employees enjoy flexible scheduling and selected benefits. USA Cartage is are a good place to work.