Wahoo Concrete Products

By: Bubbajunk.com

Wahoo Concrete Products produce high quality, innovative products for the swine flooring industry. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s founding president, Robert Beaman said that since 1960 the family business has been building a reputation. It is the Wahoo Concrete reputation for excellence. They know that a superior product is what you expect, what you deserve, and that is what the company strives to deliver every time. Hog producers throughout the United States specify Wahoo Concrete Swine flooring systems for their confinement needs. They demand quality, durability, and design flexibility. Wahoo Concrete has been exceeding their high standards for many years. Their policy towards reinvesting in research and technology in concrete development has enabled them to produce superior product time and time again. The company continues to refine and improve their durable concrete products to resist the deteriorating effects of animal refuse. They are building hundreds of slats every day to meet the demands of builders and swine producers throughout the heartland.

Wahoo Concrete is a high production slat plant utilizing the most recent technology to engineer and produce swine flooring systems that endure. Their customers are responding to their dedication and commitment to quality by specifying their products and systems over the competition. They feel that is the highest compliment they can receive from their clients. For your specific confinement and penning needs the company has multiple sized Slats to fit your customized needs. When you purchase a Slat produced by Wahoo Concrete you know that quality is built into each Slat. Each slat is hand finished to provide higher quality, a better seal and longer life that says a lot about our quality and design.

The company has a patented Slot Lock and Slat Saver which is an innovative accessory product that work in conjunction with the Slats to extend the life of your Slats. Clients have said that some of the slats are still used today at job sites where they were installed in the 1970Ââ€Ã¢„¢s. They continue to build upon the Wahoo Concrete reputation for excellence.