Affton Trucking Co. Inc.


Affton Trucking Co. Inc. was established by Floyd Wright in 1969 with one truck. Affton has been dedicated to making a difference through their people and their business relationships. Today, more than 100 late-models, company-owned trucks make up their fleet. Affton specializes in intermodal and dedicated transportation, with the highest service standards in their industry. They service importers, exporters, steamship lines and many of the area's Fortune 500 companies. Their professional team of experienced, dedicated team members offers more than 240 years of intermodal experience. Their staff members are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality customer service, driver management and safety. Affton Trucking is located in Saint Louis.
Affton Trucking features one of the most modern fleets in the intermodal industry, utilizing both day cab and sleeper units to serve their customers. Their day cab fleet is dedicated to local service surrounding St. Louis, while their sleeper fleet is used for longer-distance moves. Affton Trucking sustains their own private fleet of intermodal chassis, to ensure your unit can be delivered on time. The fleet includes tri-axle units and anysizer chassis to service heavier payloads. Special arrangements can be made for any day or time, with just one call to their Customer Service Department. All units are equipped with road tracking and communication devices and all units are 100 percent company-owned.
They serve their customers efficiently by providing personal, customized service. Some of the ways they do that is by on-line-access. In addition, they offer on-line access to your load information. They identify your needs are immediate, and they want to eliminate duplication. So they offer Electronic Data Interchange connectivity for load tender and compensation. They email savvy customers can avoid the wait at the fax machine by notifying them electronically. Affton Trucking Company provides complete transportation services in the St. Louis local market.
The experienced Affton team is determined to make every move as seamless as possible, using a combination of modern technology and old-fashioned hard work to get the job done. Their technology allows them to offer tracing for bringing shipments from the moment they are given the move, until the cargo is safely delivered to their customer.