Aim Leasing Co


Transportation issues can present real challenges for any company. Aim meets those challenges head-on with service and flexibility. The company is the industry leaders in full service truck leasing. Aim is large enough to provide solutions to a wide variety of transportation concerns and small enough to provide personal attention to the specific needs.
Aim Leasing Co truck leasing offers a total solution to all the transportation needs. Through a systematic approach that Aim has developed from years of experience, the company shows that how the transportation costs relate to the business as a whole. By analyzing these costs, the company can help achieve the strategic business objectives and maintain the necessary competitive edge needed in today's world.
Aim offers a full range of services, including full service truck leasing, dedicated logistics, and commercial truck maintenance and truck rental. Aim combines innovation, technology and flexibility for today and the future. At Aim, dedication works and experience pays.
Aim's full service truck leasing allows having fuel efficient vehicles fully specified to the client needs. Truck leasing with Aim reduces costs further by handling the administrative functions such as license, fuel permits and fuel tax reporting. AIM dedicated customers applies to daily truck rentals accounts. The company provides a wide variety of the newest, cleanest, most technologically advanced, and fuel efficient vehicles.
Aim Leasing Co also includes benefits such as divided in  financial benefits , economic benefits , latest technology , maintenance; and rentals benefits is  competitive rates, daily, weekly, or monthly terms, customized to any need. Like service at over 560 Aim and nationalize facilities throughout the United States and Canada, the best mechanics in the industry, one of the industry's best preventative maintenance programs, 24 hour emergency road service, provides flexibility to change mode, hours, or configuration of service, provides off balance sheet financing alternative that is 100 percent tax deductible as a business expense, provides financing on full equipment price, improves fuel efficiency, maximizes impact of positive performance in satisfying customer requirements preventing lost business and facilitating growth, and any more.
Aim is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and quality. Aim works to establish strategic solutions targeted at the achievement of the overall company mission to ensure that every full service truck lease and logistics operation results in the most efficient and cost effective solution for the operation.